Guasha steen Bianstone Paardenschraper - Human & Horse Academy
Guasha steen Bianstone Paardenschraper - Human & Horse Academy

Guasha stone Bianstone Horse scraper

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The Bianstone has absorbed radiation from the meteorite over time. The bianstone is assigned a medicinal effect and it is processed into stones specially made for this purpose; the Bian stones.

The reason why Bianstone is so special is because of the deep effect this material has on us. The stone feels soft, but because of the energetic charge it penetrates very deeply into the connective tissue. It can therefore take a while until Sha (the red spots) appears when applying Guasha with this material. This does not mean that the stone does not do its job, in fact the reason why the Sha only arises so late is because this stone has a direct positive influence on our blood flow.

The advantages of Bianstone are:

  • It feels comfortable on the body;
  • Penetrates deep into the connective tissue;
  • It cleanses the body;
  • Improves blood flow;
  • Improves microcirculation;
  • It removes heat;
  • It removes poison and waste;
  • It removes excess fat.